Spoken, Written & Screamed aims to be a positive blog. With that in mind, it will only cover material in a way that is  supportive of others creative efforts. You will not find a negative review here, and nor does the site encourage you to be too negative in the comments (tempered by the fact that I’m a strong advocate of freedom of speech maaaaan…). Stick to constructive criticism and we’ll get along just fine!

Topics that will most commonly be covered by SW&S:

  1. Film
  2. TV
  3. Books
  4. Comics
  5. Football…with a huge skew to Arsenal
  6. …and LISTS. There will be a lot of random lists!

There will also be the odd (and odd is definitely the right word) tangent now and again.

Guest writers or regular contributors are very welcome – get in touch if you’d like to get work represented here. Again, as long as the rule on positivity is followed, there will be no editing applied without the permission of the author, and all work will be published as received, warts and all!

Please bear in mind that this is a blog, not a professional website, and there will the occasional spelling, grammar or opinion error. Feel free to have a good laugh when you spot them but try to avoid pointing them out in the comments!

If you like what you’ve read, please follow, like, share, encourage and cajole your friends to pay the site a visit.

Thanks for your support.



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